We produce Multilayer floor. Solid wood floor. Three-layer floor.

Multilayer floor

Large selection of classes, dimensions, colors and finishes

The resistance of multilayer floors to seasonal changes compared to classic parquet is far greater. The specific structure of the multi-layer floor enables almost no changes in the dimensions. Speed of installation is another great advantage of multi-layer floors. This advantage is important for both contractors and investors for several reasons. The time required for laying the floor is up to 80% shorter compared to classic parquet, and therefore the installation price is much lower.

The multi-layer floor can be installed without gluing to the base, and as such it is also an advantage when it comes to adapting the space because it can also be installed over the old floor. In addition, the space can be used immediately without waiting for several days for the final layer to dry completely, achieve resistance and stop evaporating.

The multi-layer floor is made of plywood, and the final layer is made of oak 4 mm thick, the total floor thickness is 14 or 20 mm.
Multi-layer floors are finished with Rubio Monocoat oils.

Three-layer floor

Befag anti-bacterial wooden flooring

Whether we declare it in so many words or not, we all strive for har-mony, both in our life and in the creation of the colour scheme of our home. Our age, our attitude and the period of life we are in may all have a marked influence on what we feel or see as harmonious, but there are also written and unwritten rules we should attempt to com-ply with. Wood floors have always been popular. Owing to their natu-ral materials these surfaces give the impression of an aesthetic and natural environment. BEFAG wooden flooring bring a piece of nature into your home or office. Several decades of professional experience, a committed staff and our regularly upgraded production technology guarantee that BEFAG wooden flooring will enable you to create the harmony you are striving for.

We are the exclusive representative of the company Befag, for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can check all products catalogue at  befag.hu

Solid wood floor

Oak floor – 14mm and 21mm thick

Solid flooring is certainly a choice that brings your home a very pronounced beauty and uniqueness of wood, and thus makes the whole space natural, warm, comfortable.

Clients who choose solid wood as a floor covering, actually get a reliable, durable and beautiful floor, which seems to become a part of your family, because it can be used by generations for proper installation and maintenance. Oak is an ideal wood for making this type of floor.

As with parquet, we distinguish three classes of solid flooring in our offer. Wood in the interior was and remains a choice to which we gladly return and constantly rediscover it. In floor covering, as one of the most demanding interior surfaces, wood comes in several shapes, forms and colors, and there are not a small number of different wooden floors. The so-called “peasant floor”, ie solid parquet, is one of the most appreciated.

Solid wood floors are finished with Rubio Monocoat oils.