We produce interior doors. safety doors. anti-fire doors.

Interior doors.

High Quality & Great Value

As the part of our offer you can find painted and veneer interior doors. The principle of production is the same with every door regardless whether they are white, painted, veneer ones or CPL laminate. The frame of the door is made of 1st class wooden elements that are softened by MDF which provides excellent characteristics and long durability. With the large projects of entire buildings and to the smallest ones, the room doors produced at ours factory are of the same high quality, production and assembly.

As the part of our offer we have various models, dimensions and decorative battens that make the room door much more attractive and modern. Depending on the clients’ wishes all the interior doors can also be made as sliding doors, two-wing doors hanging lights doors…

All interiors doors can be fireproof up to 30 min.

Security doors

Elegant, strong and secure anti-fire door

What makes our doors unique is that each one is high security and strengthened with built-in steel panels offering superior defence with aesthetic design. All our doors are suited for residential and commercial properties, as well as listed buildings.

We understand that all properties are unique and have individual requirements, that’s why we offer complete bespoke designs. Our doors are available in any colour, can be adorned in our beautiful door furniture, and we can replicate any design to fit in line with your vision. Connect with our lovely team and book in a free, no obligation security survey to discuss your vision with an expert.

Our wooden doors are made of sustainable and low maintenance materials including wood and are strengthened with additional built-in steel panels. All security doors can be fireproof up to 120 min.